Monday, November 26, 2012

first "ski" day of the season

I returned yesterday from a super-awesome Grand Canyon trip (a great crew, tons of new hikes, a couple of memorable canyoneered slots, and a prescribed flood of 42,000 cfs that included Lava Falls) to some still-lingering-up-high snow in the Wasatch.  Ash and I went out this morn for a quick lap up Snowbird, but it turned out to be an inauspicious start to my 2012-13 ski season:
Something is not quite correct here. 

Despite their use way back in the day as snowboard boots, Sorels don't tend to work so well for skiing, especially with Dynafit bindings.  Them funny plastic ski boots decided that it was still a bit early for this season so they spent the morning safely ensconced in the middle of the nice warm kitchen, where I set them in order not to forget them (and actually drove back to the house from a block away to check on something else, and STILL missed them!).  Once again, I outsmart  - or perhaps this time outdumb - myself. 

In any case, many thanks to Ferg for the borrow of the aforementioned Sorels, because I was able to somewhat salvage the morn by running/walking up the groomers a ways before Ash came roaring back down. 

Tomorrow I'll write up a tale of our Big Ditch exploits with some pics. 

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