Sunday, September 8, 2013

Best Party of the Year

Note that this Thursday night at Black Diamond is the annual soiree (hands down the best party of the year....) to celebrate not only the imminent arrival of winter - which admittedly is a bit hard to believe with 90+ degree temps until a blissful respite today - and the ever-so-critical Utah Avalanche Center.  It's the social extravaganza of the year, and I can't think of another better cause (except, perhaps, the Wasatch Community Gardens!).

It's a bargain for the price, and remember that all the stuff being auctioned was donated by really nice local folks/businesses, so respond in kind and be prepared to spend some extra money.  And if you don't need/want anything at the auction, throw down some extra money anyway.   And if you have parents/relatives who don't live in these parts but care about you, tell them that the UAC would be a good place to send their charitable donations this year!

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