Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spring Storming The Castle

Providing further proof that global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the liberal elite who don't believe in spring skiing, we got a nice "freshening" of 10" of cold smoke on top of dirty runnels, (I love that word), sun cups, and bare ground.  It was almost more dangerous than early season storms, because the old patches of snow were punctuated by barely-covered - but unseen - rocks so just about the time you were feeling like you were "good" the 'pack could end at any moment and you could auger into some granite.  But it was hard to pass up an unusual opportunity.

I typically don't post much about ski outings because it typically involves going to a pretty common area, going up and skiing a few laps of nice snow, and having a nice time; pretty much the same as everyone else in the Wasatch and not necessarily worthy of a "no shit there I was and you should'a been there" post .  But unusual situations call for unusual measures.

Colin and I knew that everyone would be looking for the few high/north lingering patches of snow, which are limited now.  The Alta Wildcat parking lot was sporting plenty of cars, so we moved on to check out Gunsight, which was already tracked.  However, looming beyond that lay the untouched Devil's Castle, which we rarely ski (inside the resort) that we knew had some lingering snow patches prior to the storm.

We summited the mighty Sugarloaf peak first:
Such cool guys on top of....a big mound.  
and then skied what I would call West Castle:
couldn't give'er too hard.....

Skinned up the main shot:

and had some nice skiing.

Colin blowin' smoke
In order to "complete" our morning Spring Storming the Castle we moved over to the East face, where we had plenty of huge rollerballs from blower-turned-chowder; if the sun hits April powder hard, it's an absolute laser in June!

That's all, folks, til November, if we're lucky.....
Geek Stoke.
As it turns out, pretty significant sluffs came barreling out of that notch not long after we left!

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