Saturday, December 29, 2012

Outside article about Rocky

It's been a pretty amazing week of skiing, with conditions that have consistently reminded me a lot of the Wasatch!  As the avy report said yesterday, it's been as good as it gets for blower powder skiing.  And great timing since it coincided not only with the holidays but our decision to stick around for said holidays.  I got stymied a bit the last two days by a combination of a weird bug and a sore back  -the latter of which somehow was contagious between Ash and I, which is weird - but hope to be back up and at it soon. 

Below is a copy of the article that is in this month's Outside Magazine that I alluded to in my earlier post about Rocky Contos.  I'm sure it's against all sorts of laws to post a copy about this, but I doubt there's even close to enough people reading this to make anyone know or care, and I'm sure that it will make lots of people rush out and buy many copies of Outside anyway!  Hopefully you can zoom in enough to be able to read it. 

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