Monday, December 24, 2012

Two great milestones

Our Christmas Eve started with the unusual opportunity to get a couple of early morning Snowbird tram rides with a stellar gang to celebrate our great friends' Scott and Rachel's 10th (?!!?) anniversary.  Given the storm that was marching into the Wasatch the ability to do this was in some jeopardy due to possible avalanche control work by the resort, but as ever the Sweet/Martin timing was perfect, with just enough snow to create a nice freshener on top of the wind crusts and 'roy but not enough to warrant full-blown explosive control work (which was likely initiated just hours later after it started puking 2 inches an hour late morning). 

Here is the gang about to launch up the hill:

and here are the Decadians themselves with a champagne toast, courtesy of the ever-thoughtful Reyes:

Well done, team! 

Then tonight at the annual Ziegler/Longe Christmas party I had the always-appreciated encounter with the venerable "Full-Tilt" Milt Hollander:

Who turned.....ninety  this year!  (uh....he's the bald guy on the right! not the left....). I first met Milt on a Golden Alpine Holidays hut trip in about 1989 when he was just a young whippersnapper in his 60's.  He's still getting out skiing!  

His secret to success?  "You just gotta keep moving!"  A huge inspiration for all of us. 

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