Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to The Brink

I've often thought that running The Brink would be great, but have never done it.  But after doing it again the other day I was determined to run it this year a'fore the snow flew.  I mentioned it to Jason Dorais yesterday and he was keen to hit it right away, and it was easy to convince brother Andy, who easily convinced their buddies Tom and Matt, and we rattled up there today for a nice Brink afoot. 

Tom and Matt were definitely using it as a Recovery Brink, having done the Kona Ironman and the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim, respectively, over the weekend.  So the pace was "chill".  Apparently no Strava "Achievements" were made (if you have to ask, don't worry, that's a good thing!) so it was barely worthwhile!  But the scenery was, as ever, quite nice:

Andy and Tom approaching a typical Donner nap spot:

And the gang (sans Tom - sorry; he was struggling with a not-yet-quite-right body after Kona, which is  understandable) at the relatively obscure Critical Turn off of the Great Western Trail towards the Woods Of Despair:

Note Jason is taking advantage of the warmer weather than we had on Saturday, when I was wearing Peter's PVC rain jacket with the hood under my helmet on top of all else I was wearing. 

And, of course, we saw Peter's lone mt bike track from his Sunday Brinkage. 

On a related note, I picked up a copy of Bike Magazine today to make sure that what I have written/will write for it will be appropriate for that medium, and not surprisingly the awesome cover shot was by Scott Markewitz......

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