Friday, October 12, 2012

My entry into blogonomy

Despite my affinity for writing and the fact that there have been times when I've written various tales  - usually of trips and adventures - and just emailed them out to folks I've thought might be vaguely interested I've never actually done a blog per se.    But recently  - and I'm not sure why - I've become more intrigued by the concept (more so than posting on Facebook, and again, I'm not sure why), so I thought I'd give it a go!

Though much of my life is consumed - both personally and professionally - by recreating outdoors, and it seems like the blogs that I tend to read are also oriented this way, I will likely not be utterly focused on recreating/adventuring because it seems like I have a notso-humble opinion on lots of stuff in addition to recreating: politics, economics, psychology, culture, etc - and sometimes feel compelled to write about them.

But for now, the thing most prominent on my mind is Ash and I's recent trip to Italy with Julia and Tom ripping around Liguria, Emile Romagna, and Tuscany on our bikes.  It was an absolute blast.  Here's a pic of the two coolest zipoff-equipped tourists in Florence:

and the gang:

stoked to be ripping down tons of descents like this:

And drinking a lot of wine like this

But I'll add more pics and a tale of the adventures in a later post. 

Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to give me feedback on the posts, content, format, etc. 


  1. Brilliant idea. If I promise to read your blog will you promise not to burst my ear drums about the next macro political/environmental issue when I am try to sleep on our next long interstate road trip?

    BTW the very first picture on your blog is only missing the passport holders around the neck and it will complete my image of the two of you travelling together.

  2. Nice Tom. Great way to keep updated! Love that you were in Italy. Hugs, Aud:)