Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Great Events

Friday night is the Stop Ski Link fundraiser party at the place where Cucina Nassi was:  just south of the Sprague Library in Sugarhouse Commons (if you're not a Sugarhouser, you have to at least admit that you know where that is!).  It's $100 each, which may sound like a lot, but when you consider what's at stake:  subverting the 1964 Wilderness Act, poaching local countrol of the watershed/canyon management decision making process by the likes of "Keep the Gubment Out" Rob Bishop, letting a Canadian corporation somehow insert the Devil into one of our supposed environmental brethren so that he can spew about saving us all from Big Cottonwood traffic, and PERMANENTLY POACHING OUR GAWDAM LINES it's a worthy investment, and will also likely be a helluva party to boot.  Here's the link:

And Saturday afternoon is USAW - the Utah Avalanche and Snow Workshop down in Sandy.  Even if brother Paul wasn't spearheading this effort, I'd probably still promote it, because it always proves to have a ton of really good information packed into one afternoon, and I think even avi pros will say - and in fact there's a seminar on this very topic - that no matter how much you know or think you know about snowpacks, avalanches, your partners, your gear, human nature, and yourself, it's a never-ending learning process.  Here's the info:

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